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November, 2015

“Judge, 23rd Annual 'WRITER'S DIGEST' Self-Published Book Awards.”:

"a tightly written, gripping book."

"Very well done."

​  A Novel by William Gritzbaugh


About the Author:

William (Bill) Gritzbaugh grew up in the midwest, served in Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group, and is a graduate of Indiana University. Recently retired from a 36-year, insurance-industry career, he and wife, Deb, reside in Oregon.


    Coming of age during America's turbulent Vietnam War era, Andrew Starkey takes a comical road trip to Colorado. He falls in love with the Rocky Mountains and Nancy, a local girl. ​​​​

    Despairing at separation from these two new loves, Andrew flunks out of college and gets drafted. He meets Danny Sevilla, a fellow soldier with a Colorado connection that serves as catalyst for their friendship. After stateside training, they serve together at a Special Forces outpost in Vietnam.

    Returning to civilian life, the friends reconnect in Denver. Andrew works exhausting days and, at night, cruises the clubs looking for someone to fill the void left when Nancy gives up on him and moves on. Then, he meets Susan.

    Danny has found easy money in the drug trade, and Andrew's warnings are dismissed by his friend. However, time is running out for Danny, and the two young men move toward a tragedy that neither could have imagined.

From 'Comments' Tab:

"Better than some of the 'best sellers'  I've read lately. It is well written with great descriptive language that makes the story come alive. The hero is a great, likeable guy and his adventures are compelling. Loved the ending."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book! I laughed and cried and truly cared for the characters that 'came alive'. 'Andrew Starkey' is the kind of man every woman loves and every man likes."


A Long Day to Denver